Movement Handbook - An Ebook to improve your relationship with physical activity

Movement Handbook - An Ebook to improve your relationship with physical activity

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Exercise has become a tool for modifying and controlling weight and appearance, compensating for food, and punishing ourselves for our perceived failings.  It's no wonder that our relationship with physical activity has become fraught!

In this 20 page handbook, therapist, multi award winning fitness professional and co-founder of The Moderation Movement, Jodie Arnot, encourages you to take a look at your exercise thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and offers practical tips to help you begin healing your relationship with movement.

  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Case studies of over exercising, and exercise avoidance/reluctance
  • How to stop hating physical activity
  • How to explore Intuitive Movement
  • 'The Movement Police' - how to deal with messages that shame our choices
  • The research - Evidence for why making exercise about appearance is problematic
  • A movement based mindfulness practice for you to do at home
  • Information about exercise dependence
  • Signs you may be doing too much exercise
  • A whole stack of movement ideas you might like to try
  • Recommended resources: Books, Facebook pages, Studies
  • Jodie's story - How her relationship with movement changed from being a teen who almost failed P.E. for 'forgetting' her uniform repeatedly, to being an award winning fitness professional and body image counsellor who is all about moderation! 


A 20 page full colour PDF that can be viewed on computers, smart phones and tablets.



"I was looking forward to these books arriving, and they have both surpassed my expectations. Love, love, LOVE the easy-to-read and very personable style - it's like Jodie and Zoe are speaking directly to me and giving me new ways of thinking about movement, food and the world around us, but without the judgement and shame that so many other exercise or nutrition books carry. I want to make these books required reading!" - Tilly